Prestige Rank Calculator

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This calculator can be used to determine the APPROXIMATE DATE on which you will reach a specified prestige rank in the game Walking Dead: Road to Survival. This calculator assumes your only source of prestige points is the daily login reward and does not take into account prestige points awarded to you when purchasing coins from the shop. This is beta software. Use at your own peril.

About the Prestige Rank System

The Prestige Ranking system was added in Walking Dead: Road to Survival version 2.7. It rewards players for logging in everyday as well spending money on coins. You are rewarded with special characters and gear when reaching a new rank and each rank 4 and above comes with perks. These include the ability to skip wait times on construction, research, crafting, etc. as well as awarding new scavenger missions and opening up to 2 additional slots in the supply depot.